What do we do?

Saveabhi Golden Harvest helps you to

Accumulate Gold

Accumulate 24 Carat pure Gold by buying small amounts regularly at live market rates.



Convert to Jewellery

Convert accumulated Gold into jewellery that matches your aspirations


Get Rewarded

Get rewarded for saving regularly.

Invest in Mutual funds and Gold

Invest in Mutual Funds and Gold effortlessly

Invest in Mutual Funds

mutual fund is managed by professionals, it pools in money from many investors which is invested in securities. You can start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) or invest lump sum amount. SIP is a popular way of investing in India. By registering a SIP, a user invests the same amount every month in a particular Mutual Fund scheme. By investing through monthly SIP an investor doesn’t have to time the market and can invest without being bothered by the condition of the market.

Invest in Gold

Gold is used as a hedge against inflation. Over a period of time, the return on gold will be in line with the rate of inflation. Gold has been used as a hedge against emergency in our country. Gold is considered as Status Symbol in India. It is widely used as a gift to newlyweds, newborns and has great religious significance




Saveabhi blog to help you learn about money

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A budget that enables a monthly surplus.


Portfolio Diversification


Spending Strategy!



I am using saveabhi for last two months. Already I have saved more than what I did last year. I never thought you can save so much by just saving the change. The app is very simple to use. Good work team, keep it up.

Aditya Pandey

I downloaded SaveAbhi is late February. Initially, I just used it to track my expenses. Just looking at my expenses helped me become more thoughtful about where I was spending my hard earned money. In March I saw a considerable reduction in wasteful expenses. Encouraged with the results, I set up a category wise budget for myself in April. Guess what! I managed to save an extra 15K on my budget in April. I invested it all through the lumpsum route in a value discovery fund. Hoping to top it up by 5K to save and invest 20K in May.

Aditi Sharma

I am a freelancer, so my income is not steady. Due to this, I have not started any SIP but SaveAbhi has helped me start my investments as I feel in control. I can start and stop my investments anytime by just clicking stop or start button. I think this app is very helpful for people like me who have irregular income and are not ready to make any SIP commitments.

Mayank Kaushal

Initially, I had a few issues using this app. But those issues have been resolved. I persisted with the app because the idea is amazing. I was not very comfortable investing in Mutual Funds but your conservative scheme is giving steady returns and I am happy with it so far.

Mohit Goel

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