About Us

About Us


Why was Saveabhi conceptualise?

All around us, the world is designed to entice us to spend more. With so many temptations, it has become very difficult if not impossible to save and invest for our future. Increasingly, we see people postponing their investments for some future date. Saveabhi is an honest attempt to help young Indians save and invest small amounts regularly.


What is our mission?

We believe there are a lot of opportunities for everyone to save and invest small amounts here and there. Our mission is to help our user find those opportunities and use them to start saving and investing early in their lives.


Core Team

Priyank Barthwal


Priyank is a dynamic new-age business leader with 10 years of corroborated expertise of building innovative businesses to scale. He is a Graduate from IIT-Delhi. His exposure to Finance & IT and experience of being a serial entrepreneur has sharpened his approach of technology-driven social solutions, ability to define business solutions, Go to market strategy formulation and implementation, strategic relation management, and Market Creation.

He has worked both in large matrix organizations and start-ups and has formed considerable expertise across multiple areas. He has been associated with brands like GH Financials (Derivative Trader from Oct 2004- Apr 2005) & Future First (Sr. Derivative Trader from Apr 2005- Oct 2009) where he was able to build on his expertise in Trading, Financial Markets, Market Prediction & Fundamental analysis. He was a trader at LIFFE (London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange). His stints abetted him with a thorough knowledge of trading interest rates of UK Bonds & Gilts, German Bund & Oil.

Vikram Malhotra


Vikram has spent more than 15 years in the investments industry. He has worked with the country’s largest wealth creators witnessing several individuals attempt to achieve their financial goals.
His last assignment was an 11-year stint working for ICICI Prudential Mutual fund. He was their Business Head for North, which gave him the opportunity to closely engage with the sharpest fund managers, business leaders and Investors in the industry, helping him shape his perspective. This invaluable experience has made him a firm believer that returns comes from one's reaction to events rather than only products. His first advice to all his clients is to keep things simple and stay away from complex solutions.

Jayant Bahel

Marketing & Merchant acquisition

Marketing professional with experience across B2B and B2C organizations. He has built teams, set up Marketing automation, Digital (Performance) and Product Marketing. He has experience with Paid, Organic, and Social channels to drive new customer acquisition, optimized site-wide conversion rates across Insurance, Education and product startups