Save The Change

From your morning taxi to night's dinner,round-up every day spend to nearest hundred & 'Save the Change'

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Save the Change

Save the Change is an easy way to make everyday spends part of your savings plan


Select the scheme, provide your details and complete one time KYC.


Next, use your card for everyday purchases such as at grocery stores, the showroom or for an impulsive, must-have online buy. In other words, spend like you normally would.


Finally, we'll round up your purchase to the nearest hundred amount and transfer the change from your saving account to your investment account.

Other ways to Invest


Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a popular way of investing in India.
By registering a SIP, a user invests the same amount every month in a particular Mutual Fund scheme.By investing through monthly SIP an investor doesn’t have to time the market and can invest without being bothered
by the condition of the market.


A lump sum amount is defined as a single complete sum of money.
A lump sum investment is when you invest your entire surplus fund in one go ideal investment stle when the market is low. If you have received a bonus or have money sitting idle in your saving account, you can invest that amount
into a mutual fund.

Build Capacity

Track your expense and budget your spends to build better financial health


Income vs Expense.

Track your income minus expense

Automatically, convert your transactional SMS into rich insights. Check your spending trends. Track your Income – expense gap .









Budget your expense

Set budgets based on your own past spending trends, making them easier to follow. Track the budget closely and get regular category-wise breach alerts.






Safe to spend

Other Features

Saveabhi is an intuitive & smart finance app

Single view of all bank & credit card accounts

You can get a consolidated view of all the bank accounts for which you recieve bank alerts. Real-time credit card outstanding to help you stay at the top of your financial liabilities.

Set alerts

Set alerts for due dates for all important payments like insurance premiums, SIPs, EMIs, rents etc. We will alert you before time.

Never miss any bill payment

Bills are automatically added to a calendar and the app gives smart alerts before the due dates so you will never be charged a late fee again.

Saveabhi in the NEWS

Saveabhi to promote saving habits and create wealth for youth

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